• Are you a true Modern African Woman? Do you approach every day by remaining in the traditions and culture of your home country?
  • Presenting African Beauties, an exciting new competition featuring the beautiful women of Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, and showcasing the beauty and traditions of the Modern African Woman!


From the Fantes in Ghana who believe that a person can only show how educated they are by interspersing their words with “big” English to the Nguni-speaking groups in South Africa which do not allow people to marry anyone with their own, their mother's, or grandparents' clan name or clan praise name, African countries have a rich and diverse culture. No matter where they live now, the Modern African Woman continues to embrace and live within the culture and traditions of her country of origin. African Beauties will show the modern African Woman at her very best, and might even provide an ideal career springboard for some participants. The competition will present a group of beautiful and talented women from three African countries to compete on the "big stage" in a three-category competition displaying their Beauty and sense of African Fashion, Talent and true Embrace and Understanding of their rich African culture.


A group of beautiful and talented young women from Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa will gather together on the big stage, with a chance to win some fantastic prizes including a new wardrobe, cash and modeling contracts!


Open to qualifying women aged ??? to ??? and to be held at a location to be determined, African Beauties will be shot and take place over ?? DAYS. During all preliminary rounds and the finale, Contestants will be called on to present their individual country's traditions and cultures through three clearly defined methods:


Traditional song, dance, drumming (either with backing dancers/singers and drummers or without).


Where they will be asked questions and be given a chance to discuss their knowledge of these specific cultures and traditions. These interviews will not be conducted "live" but will be taped and inserted during the finished weekly episodes.

Judges will of course comment on each of these performances Two women from each of the first three (or five) rounds will be selected as finalists to attend the Grand Finale in week four (or six). THIS WILL ALL DEPEND ON WHETHER WE DECIDE TO GO WITH A FOUR OR SIX-WEEK SCHEDULE

These five or six finalists will compete against each other in the Grand Finale, where the winner, runner-up and third-place contestants will be selected and awarded. The Grand Finale will likely be a one and a half-hour program to allow sufficient time for all contestants to complete the required competition "categories."

In between performance groupings, a celebrity artist (song or dance) will perform.


African Beauties will be shot over a two-day period, on-location at a location to be determined in New York City. A studio audience will also be present. Once the contest production has been completed, the footage will be edited into a series of four to six one-hour episodes, consisting of THREE OR FIVE preliminary rounds and the finale.

A total of 25 women (for four-week program) or 30 women (four six-week program) will be invited to participate in the program.

African Beauties will be centered on three "categories," namely beauty/fashion, performances and interviews. Unlike the performances and interviews, which will be conducted via individual contestant presentations, during the fashion/beauty categories, all contestants will appear together on stage.

The fourth/sixth week's colorful Grand Finale involving the contestants, judges, Government reps from the participating countries and sponsors will be organized to formally select and award the winner of the African Beauties show and competition, along with the second and third place contestants.

A winner, along with a second and third-prize recipient, will be chosen. Prize packages will include cash awards, wardrobes, modeling contracts, roundtrip airfare to the country of origin, and many other items TBD.

Are you a true Modern African Woman?

Tomorrow, you could be one of the lucky young women to get the chance of a lifetime!

Tomorrow, you could be one of the
lucky young women to get the
chance of a lifetime!

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